Technical sheet

How the interactive aspect of StarWay works.
The ‘found stars’ are laser-cut star shapes cut from thin plywood that have an RFID sticker attached to them. The ‘found stars’ are brought to the SmallStar (please refer to illustration). The SmallStar has an RFID reader situated in it. It then sends a digital signal to one of the stars on StarWay that then lights up. Hopefully, over the two days festival all of StarWay’s 240 stars will light up internally. The sculpture lights the more more people interact with it.

Where is the Sculpture currently living/stored? *


Footprint of StarWay

Footprint Dimensions:
27 feet by 22 feet. The star is 20 feet from tip to tip and 17 feet from ground to top tip, but the SmallStar needs to be placed 20 feet in front of StarWay so the viewer can have some distance from the sculpture, so they can see it light up. Refer to ground plan.


Stability and Ground Anchors:
Starway ideally needs to be on dirt ideally as we need to run cables from the StarWay out to SmallStar and that means we will need to do some trenching about 10 inches deep, to run wires. Some trenching for the two feet too the where we will secure it into the ground with two ground anchors. StarWay leans back slightly onto a robust stand so it is very stable. It survived high winds at Burning Man in 2014.

610 blds (277 kilos)

Power requirements lighting or other operations?
6amps, 120volts


Lighting effects or noise considerations?
StarWay was built in such a way that it looks great during the day but looks even better at night, as do most sculptures that light up. The interactivity is dependent on it being dark as it lights up. Other than that there are no other requirements.

Does your Sculpture contain interactive parts,that engage climbing, swinging, etc?  
StarWay should not be climbed!!!

Install and deinstall your Sculpture.
I can install and test StarWay within 6 hours. It would take around the same time to de-install. StarWay will arrive in 5 sections that are then bolted together in less than 20 mins. The trenching is then next. I then need to raise the Star. Baby Star ships in one section so that is easy to install. Battery installation then some testing and we are done.

Any Heavy Machinery requirements?
A variable reach (forklift) in order to erect StarWay is needed. It has one hitch point and is very easy to erect. Other than a quick lift from the VR I just need 3-4 other people to guide it and rest it back on its stand. It really is very easy to erect and de-install.

Does your sculpture require additional footprint for Set-up/Tear-down?
Footprint I have asked for is big enough for set-up and tear-down.

Special Requests or Considerations
If it rains, the interactive aspect of the sculpture may have to be shut down. We are doing all we can to make it shower proof.   We need to work out together where you want us to leave the ‘found stars’. Will they be left lying around the festival or do you want to have more control over how they get distributed. I am happy to collaborate with you on this.

Deborah Davies
+44(0) 7976 302429 UK phone
or c/o Larry Mallick – +530 902 2929 USA