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Photo of Deborah Davies

Photo of Deborah Davies (Dd)

Dd is an international exhibiting artist. She works in a variety of mediums from sculpture to installations, from soft-circuits to video and textiles. Many of her pieces are responsive, reacting and changing in response to participants’ engagement. She leans towards working with light. Recently, she has developed a focus on data-visualization and is currently working on a body of work around knife and gun crime statistics to be exhibited in late 2017. She collaborates with technicians from many disciplines, including architects, data-analysts, hardware and software engineers.

Dd studied Photography at West Surrey College of Art and Design, UK leaving with a BA Hons. More significantly in her graduation year, her work was selected for the highly prestigious John Kobal Photographic Portrait Award. After graduating she had a successful career as a TV Producer/Director/Broadcast Journalist for a variety of broadcasters including the BBC. Having built up a body of artistic work, she left television when offered the position of Artist in Residence at the University of London’s Centre for Creative Collaboration (C4CC) in the UK, in 2010. She was then offered a management role helping shape and grow the C4CC community of technologists, designers, engineers and artists, to create an environment in which they could innovate, collaborate and inspire entrepreneurship. She successfully identified individuals and companies in the digital/creative arena who had growth potential and through a series of workshops helped them increase revenue and create jobs. Dd is currently writing a book on “Working in Collaboration with Others” following the success of talks and workshops she has given to artists and innovators on the subject.

During her time at C4CC, she became interested in wearable technology. Her views on this subject appear in the book “Designing with Smart Textiles” (London: Bloomsbury/Fairchild written by Sarah Kettley released, early 2016). Dd’s work has been included in London Design Festival, UK and in Berlin, Germany at BetaHaus, KunstHaus Kule and KunstHalle Platoon. Her work has also been enjoyed at Burning Man 2013 and 2014 with StarWay due to be shown in 2016.

COMMISSIONS Should you wish to hire, buy, or commission work by Dd, or indeed invite her to give a workshop or talk on “Working in Collaboration With Others”, then please contact her here.

SPONSORS Dd is sponsored by lighting company, Chauvet so a very big thank you to them for their continuing support.