Interactive Sculpture /// Fuck Love


FUCK/LOVE  is an interactive installation,  a game played by two, whereby a machine analyses the players compatibility resulting in one of three verdicts being given, delivered by two hearts that hang on the wall in front of them. At the end of the game the participants are advised to “Fuck”, “Love” or “Fuck Love”.

We so often think our understanding of certain words as universal but that is not always the case.  The words fuck and love are so loaded in meaning with the latter being an all too fluffy sentimental word to some, or a deeply held emotion to others. The word fuck, though offensive has come to mean everything from an exclamation of horror or one of total joy. The only people that can interpret the meaning of the word they get is the participants themselves. The artwork might be my creation but the meaning is most certainly theirs.

The work explores the meanings we assign to words and how that interpretation can differ depending on the culture, gender, experiences and expectations of each individual. In a world that throws up suggestions of what to buy, who to date, what to eat and what to watch following data we submit this suggests who you might like to fuck and/or love. The use of infinity mirrors also plays into the idea that love is forever and the finality of the phrase ‘Fuck Love’.

The sculpture itself, consists of two LED infinity mirrors in the shape of hearts, that hang on the wall next to each other.  On a plinth positioned some meters away, stands a third heart made of acrylic, that acts as the machine’s interface, its two sides accessible to two players who stand opposite each other.   A hand etched into each side of the acrylic interface glows, inviting each player to place a hand on the screen.

InterfaceWhen both hands are in place, the machine gets to work on its analysis of the two players.  The infinity mirrors on the wall light up, race through a lightshow, with an ever changing array of colors and lighting patterns.  One heart has the word fuck in the middle the other the word love.  The lights jump from one word to the next, the machine working out which verdict to give. The mirror that remains lit and flashes delivers the final instruction.





IMG_3759 IMG_3790

“Fuck Love” was made in collaboration with Swedish hardware/software engineer, Peter Stuge