Luma Collaborators

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Deborah Davies: Lead Artist.

Andrew Murphy: Stinson Beach (San Francisco) based Designer.

Karen Lilleyman: Press and PR.

Adrian Godwin: Hardware and software electronics designer of the ‘inner light monitoring box’. has spent thirty years in the electronics design industry, including working on F1 racing cars, World Rally cars and a humanoid robot which is currently in production. Adrian will be working on the light sensoring and control machines on board the Luma Module.Mark Stokes: Lighting designer on project. Award winning Artist/Chartered Designer/Architect. Mark has worked on international exhibitions and user experience designs as well as exhibiting at the Venice Biennale. Mark is a materials specialist and is focused on sourcing beautiful interiors and exteriors for the build.

Mark Lomas:  Designer on project.  Architectural Technologist, interested in everything from green infrastructure and sustainable construction.

Dave Pedroli: Contributed greatly to the project by making the ball release mechanism.

Peter Stuge: Electronics and software engineer on site at BM.

Tim Panton: Software engineer and in charge of solar panels  at BM