Interactive Sculpture /// Luma Module

 Luma Module


Luma Module at Night


Luma Module is an interactive ‘spaceship’ exploring ideas around false scientific claims, often referred to as Cargo Cult Science,  a term used by physicist Richard Feynman. He was referring to  practices that have the semblance of being scientific, but do not in fact follow the scientific method.






Inner Light Machine

Inner Light Reading Machine


Trap door in ceiling


A machine inside the Luma Module reads your “inner light” status and delivers a verdict of  Devil, Demon, Angel, or God. By placing your hand on the machine you trigger a whir of lights that results in a trap-door in the ceiling  dropping a ball into your hand in one of four colours. The colour denotes your state of enlightment.  Red for Devil, orange for Demon, pink for an Angel and yellow for God.


Balls in cabin sides

Engine Cabin Sides

The experience does not stop there though. The participants are then invited to donate the ball back the sculpture by placing it in a hole in in the inside wall. The balls then drops into the engine panels on the outside of the cabin walls, glowing under UV light.  The more people that interact with Luma, then the more it will light up. By sharing your “inner light” you effect change on the sculpture. You give your light and the sculpture gives light back.






Luma Burning

Luma Burning at Burning Man Festival 2013  – Photo by Pria


Luma was exhibited at Burning Man Festival in 2013 and burned on the Saturday night. Below is a timelapse video Luma Module.

Luma Module for a collaboration with the follow people:
Mark Stokes, Mark Lomas, Adrien Godwyn, Andrew Murphy and Karen Lilleyman.
It was built at both London Hackspace, UK and Nimby in Oakland, USA

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