The Luma Burn

LumaBurnsPhoto by: Priya Naik

On the night, 2am on the Sunday morning, so five or six hours after the Man burned,  the Luma crew,  along with other volunteers made up the burn circle and  I  was ‘tested’ on my plan for the burn by the FAST team at Burning Man who very nearly didn’t give us permission to burn due to my being so hazy around my answers. My lack of focus was not because I didn’t know the plan,  I was just   so completely exhausted at working so many hours on trying to get her finished that I couldn’t think straight. Anyhow, nothing like the threat of not being issued with a burn laminate (now my most prized possession!!!) to make me snap out of it and Twister and Doxie, once satisfied with my answers gave permission for her to burn….. and so she did. Not that I had much luck getting her to catch fire mind you, the flare was taken from me and a man called Big Eric managed to get her ignited. Pria, a fantastic female engineer who also worked for two days on  Luma helping to get her finished, took the photo you now see. The FAST team said it was one of the most beautiful burns they had ever seen – as I have nothing much to compare it to I just went with it – they did seem genuinely moved and now after seeing the photo I can see why. A night to remember.

Uploaded them onto our Flickr account.

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